Why hunt in Mexico?
Tourism is Mexico’s major source of income. Hunting is an increasingly important part of the country’s tourism industry. The welcome mat is out for American hunters.

What's so special about Mexico?
According to ecologists, Mexico is among the world’s top four countries for biodiversity. The wealth and variety of its plants and animals are world class. Game animals are often more abundant and of better trophy quality than similar species in the United States.

What are Mexico's principal game animals?
Desert mule deer and Coues’ Whitetail are the most sought-after trophies for American hunters. Also prominent are Bighorn Sheep and Gould’s Turkey. Quail, dove, and other birds are popular along with javelina (collared peccary).

Where can you hunt?
Hunting is conducted primarily on private ranches that are registered as hunting enterprises with the Mexican government. Of the 3,000+ properties registered, two-thirds are on the U.S. border. This includes the states of Sonora, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, bordering the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

When is hunting season?
Dates vary for different game animals. Deer season is December and January. Turkey is hunted mid-April to mid-May.

How do I book a hunt?
Hunts are booked through an outfitter, an agent, or directly with the landowner. The paperwork is simple. You fill out a one-page hunting application with your personal information and a description of the firearm(s) and ammunition you want to bring to Mexico. Attach a copy of your passport/driver’s license.

Is it hard to bring firearms into Mexico?
The process for bringing firearms into Mexico has been streamlined over the years. The process is simple (see question above), though there are some limitations. Prohibited are pistols, automatic military-type rifles, tracer, incendiary, armor-piercing,or exploding ammunition. Also prohibited are shotgun pellets larger than 00 buck (.33). Rifles must be 8mm or smaller (.322 or less), and shotguns must be 12 gauge or less with a barrel more than 20”.

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