Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hunt Trophy Coues' in Mexico

A singular hunting experience awaits you at Rancho Mababi in Sonora, Mexico, just 50 miles south of the Arizona border. This is the home of the fascinating and elusive Coues’ Whitetail deer. Here, on more than 100,000 acres of private ranch land, trophy bucks roam a picturesque wilderness open to just a handful of hunters each year.

Petite and delicate, yet alert and keen-sensed, the Coue’s Whitetail is a challenging quarry for hunters eager to test their skills. Because it inhabits Mexico’s rugged high chaparral country, hugging the shadows and shrubs, hunters have called it the “Grey Ghost of Sonora.” Many consider Coues’ the trophy of a lifetime.

You will hunt on sweeping landscapes bounded by one of Mexico’s few ecological preserves. Your buck might be among the cottonwoods and sycamores lining canyon streams, or on bluffs of oak and mesquite high above. The striking beauty of the Coues’ Whitetail matches its terrain—an unforgettable hunt.

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